Let’s give a shout 

Our recruitment process begins after analysis of clients or our internal needs, where we decide what are the specific requirements needed for a new member who will join us.

We are making decisions on what type of stack would be required, and creating a perfect candidate profile- all the skills candidate needs to have, and the attitude which we are looking for. Next we promote opportunities on multiple hiring platforms, social media and via ATS, where we focus solely on the highest skilled candidates. We are looking for people with the desired stack, but as well with outstanding attitude, who are focused on delivering best solutions. 

Not natural selection 

Once we have decent amount of candidates, we start reviewing applications: resumes, cover letters, GitHub links, Linkedin profiles, profiles and websites of employers to find a perfect candidate. 

We check candidates in terms of technologies they know: 

-Front: JavaScript, React. React Native,

-Back: GraphQL, Node.js, Firebase

We look for people with the longest experience in mentioned tech stack, confirmed a history of employment- with no shorter periods of employment than 6 months, and perfect communication skills. If we feel like we have found candidate matching all our criteria, we decide to make move it to the next level. 

Let’s talk

When our HR specialist has the best candidates selected, it is time to send emails with an invitation for a Skype Interview. It is the first step to get to know the candidate better. The interview is made in a nice family atmosphere, but all important questions about experience, work history, tech stack, goals, and plans are asked. During the conversation we find out if candidate has basic skills and some experience with JavaScript and React. We take a look if it is a person looking for a longtime commitment with us and our clients, and if we can match him or her with one of our interesting projects. 

Let’s code... together

Candidates who do well on interviewer and have interesting background, get a chance to show us their skills in practice- live!

We call it Coding Challenge- it is live pair session with one of our best skilled developers.

The Coding Challenge lasts 2 hours. The process of it is like that the candidate share the screen while solving a task provided by our expert. Usually it is very simple app to be written in React or React Native. Requirements for this part of the process are IDE and iphone simulator or IDE and browser (depends if React or React Native was chosen to solve the task ).

Coding session starts- our developer is watching closely, analyzing and taking notes. Normally candidates finish after 1, 5 hour the task, and the solution is placed on GitHub where rest of our recruitment team can review it.

Feedback, feedback!

After coding session, feedback goes to into the files. Recruitment team sits and analyse once again all the documents, interview and coding challenge feedback. If results match our criteria we decide to schedule Final Call. 

It is a meeting with the whole recruitment team (CEO, Sales Manager and HR Specialist) where we talk about Aurity values and believes. We just want to check if candidate characteristic, behavior and attitude match our company values. 

After exchanging thoughts and feeling, recruitment team is making decision to hire or reject candidate. It usually takes up to few days to get back with the decision after this call. 


All the candidates who accept the offer, the terms, and want to cooperate with Aurity have to open the company, so they could provide invoices to Aurity.

When all those details are ready, we sign the contract electronically and candidate is able to start his/her journey with us.

Our HR specialists are responsible introducing the set of tools and processes to new member of Aurity family, as well as welcoming it with the rest of the team. As the last step of the process, one fellow developer on boards the candidate to a specific project. 

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